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Titfuck is a sexual activity between males and females. He sticks his penis between her tits which form a tunnel. He moves his penis in and out her cleavage. A titfuck is very often combined with a blowjob. If she moves her tits up and down his penis instead of him moving his penis it called receiving a titjob.
To be able to perform a titfuck from her end, requires her to have a breast size of B and up. Men reported that the adjustable tight feeling from her tits around his penis is very exciting and can lead to fast orgasm, while women reported titfuck as an exciting foreplay with no way for her to reach her climax.
Tit fuck is best performed in between a set of knockers or bazookas! Lubrication of tits is highly recommended. The aftermath of a titfuck are cum tits. The titfuck can be performed on braless tits as well as on tits covered by a bra: Her bra will actually hold his penis positioned! If she additionally teases his cock with her tongue or her mouth, it is called Spanish blowjob.

Tit Fuck Photos

Titfuck: The position of her hands
Example: Titfuck of tits with bra


  • Spanish: cubana
  • Italian: spagnola

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