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Definition of topless

Being topless is a semi-nude state of women and in general defined by the lack of covering from the hips upwards and at least both of her tits fully visible without any clothes being pulled up or down. In amateur photography topless wives and topless MILFs are very common photo targets.

Topless versus other States

A topless girl is only considered topless when covering her bottom with clothing items like pants, bikini bottoms, skirts etc. If she is not covering her ass or pussy with clothes, she is nude and not topless! This means a woman cannot be bottomless and topless at the same time. If she allows a short view on her tits by pulling a top down or up or by opening her shirt, she is not topless but flashing her tits. If it possible to see her tits while she changes or during a oops situation, she is not topless either but allowing an accidental peek. The big advantage of going topless is to avoid such downblouses and nipple slips. A girl displaying herself after bodypainting her nude tits is also considered topless as long as she wears some kind of bottom. The same is true for girls wearing special tops which are designed not to cover her boobs on purpose.
Wearing no top and taping the nipples as forced by law in many states of the US, is not topless but simply bullshit.

Typical Topless Dressing Combinations

The following typcial topless combinations have been identified:

General Remarks about Topless Girls

Some persons consider being topless to be more erotic than being fully naked. Women go topless across all breast sizes from gigantic tits to very small tits. Topless can be combined with wearing pants, skirts and mostly bikini bottoms. Wearing see-through tops can let a woman appear almost topless, while she is not.

Almost Topless

The term almost topless means, that the woman wears some kind of top, which was not designed to visually cover her tits but to give her boobs exposure.This can be achieved by the type of fabric (See through tops or transparent tops) or by the cut and design of her top, like for example micro bikinis given that she goes braless.

Typical Topless Locations

Private Topless Locations and Occasions

Typical private or semi-private topless locations include home, backyard and private pools as well as private club. Typical topless occassions include boating as well as topless (and very often drunk) female codrivers. Other occasions are photo sessions including topless selfshots.

Topless in Public

It is much more common to appear topless in public in Europe than it is in US. Depending on the location and occasion topless girls are not considered exhibitionists in Europe, while they still mostly are in the US. A typical location to hunt for topless cuties are European beaches as well as beach clubs or dance clubs close to summer resorts. In US it is common to appear topless at Mardi Gras, the Fantasy Fest as well as other events including sport and music events.

Topless Photo Samples

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