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Definition of Topless Beach

A topless beach is a public or semi-public beach, on which girls are not required to wear any type of top, especially bikini-tops. This means you can see topless girls on topless beaches. If you spot fully nude girls on the beach, you are not at a topless beach but at a nude beach. Most of the girls on topless beaches wear bikini-bottoms also called topless bikini. Besides topless chicks you also find a huge number of highly specialized topless beach voyeurs at topless beaches.

Locations of Topless Beaches

Almost every european, australian, canadian and south-american beach is a topless beach. Same applies to beaches in Asia and the Caribean which are highly frequented by Europeans. Topless beaches in the US are rare: South beach in Florida is the most popular topless beach. It is said that the business interests behind the wide spread tittie-bars prohibit topless beaches in the US.

Functions of Topless Beaches

  • A topless beach allows women to tan their tits in order to avoid tanlines.
  • A topless beach allows women to dry their tits after swimming without wearing a top.
  • A topless beach does not requires women to change wet tops.
  • A topless beach allows women to put their tits on public display.
  • A topless beach allows beach voyeurs and tit voyeurs to shoot endless voyeuristic photos. Topless beaches are the perfect place to spot serial tits as well as highly erected nipples combined with nature.
  • A topless beach allows to play topless volleyball
  • The only oops situation caused by wardrobe malfunction you find on a topless beach are lip slips. Embarrassing nipple slips are impossible on a topless beach.
  • If you love looking at erected nipples, lying down at a topless beach close to the water is the best thing you can do: You see chicks getting out of the water every few seconds and each and any one of them will feature erected nipples!
  • Allows all kind of studieson boob shapes and tit size

Topless Beach Photos

Topless beach girl
Topless beach
Topless beach
Girls at a topless beach
Girls at a topless beach
Girls having fun at a topless beach

Further Topless Beach Photos and Videos

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