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A sexy top is a type of clothes for female upper body clothing enhancing her sex appeal, excluding coats and jackets. The main function of a sexy top is to more or less cover her tits in a sexy way, sometimes allowing poking nipples. A sexy top may include tops, which are lingerie or have no practical value besides making the lady wearing the sexy top looking more sexy. The golden rule about tops is: As soon as you wear a top, you are not topless! Sexy tops are subject of voyeurism as well as photos of candid women.

The following types of sexy tops have been identified (so far):

List of Sexy Tops

  1. Sexy blouse or lady's shirt: A shirt with a full vertical opening with buttons or zipper
  2. Sexy T-shirt generally cotton, and especially sexy when wet
    1. Sexy crop top: A top that exposes her belly
    2. Sexy knotted top: Ties in the front and leaves the belly exposed, these were very trendy in 2006:
    3. Sexy tank top: A sleeveless T-Shirt
  3. Sexy tube top or boob tube: Strapless and sleeveless, typically leaves the belly exposed
  4. Sexy halter top: Shoulderless, sleeveless and often ties in the back, again, usually her belly is exposed
  5. Sexy bikini top: Looks like the top half of a bikini, but is not necessarily swimwear
  6. Corset: A lingerie item which can be worn as a sexy top
  7. Belly shirt: A top which exposed her belly and maybe her underboobs

All of these variations also exist as Transparent Tops or See through tops and can be worn braless to add more spice.

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