Train voyeurism

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Train voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on mainly photographing and sometimes videotaping women in trains. According the number of submissions made to Voyeurcloud, train voyeurism became popular early 2012. Contributors like "trainman" or "underground spotter" submitted more than 100 pics since then to Voyeurcloud. The train voyeur usually tries to sit across his female subject and then uses his smartphone to make photos. Using smartphone apps to kill time while travelling is common and does not raise any concerns, even if the camera is pointed towards the lady across all the time. The most common target of train voyeurism are women wearing short skirts in order to shot candid legs followed by women displaying cleavage or simply dressed sexy. Train voyeurs prefer trains and subways with opposite seating. Some of them kill the daily commuting time by trying to voyeur ladies on a daily base, thus train voyeurism becoming a daily routine for them. Others try to take late hour trains on the weekend in order to spot girls dressed up for parties. Upskirts done by train voyeurs are called train upskirts.

Typical Train Voyeurism Photos submitted to Voyeurcloud:

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