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Underboob is a view of the bottom of her tits caused by the short design of her top by intension. The underboob might only show you a very small region of the very bottom of her tits or might go up almost under her nipples. Nipples are not part of an underboob. Underboobs are a kind of upside-down cleavage.

Underboobs require her to go braless. Underboob-friendly design of tops was trendy in the 80s and is becoming a very new trend again in 2010.

Important: An underboob is intended by her and requires dedicated underboob-friendly clothing. If the view to the bottom of her boobs is caused by the a malfunction of her clothing, it is not an underboob but an upblouse!

Function of an underboob: Wearing underboob-friendly clothes allows women to display part of their tits in public while fully dressed. It also allows women to blame a tits oops for any photos taken of their underboobs, while in fact this was exactly what they wanted. If a woman showing her underboobs bents over, the audience will be able to see her full tits hanging down.

The sister of an underboob is called sideboob. For unknown reason underboobs are often subject to self shot underboobs photos and of course of tit voyeurism.

Underboob Photos

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