Underwater voyeurism

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Underwater voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on videotaping or photographing swimming women in pools and sea using the methods and tools of underwater photography. The typical equipment of an underwater voyeur are a snorkel and an underwater camera. Addicted underwater voyeurs use diving equipment. Popular target areas are topless beaches and nude beach resorts. The main goal of underwater voyeurs are shots of her tits as well as crotch and pussy shots. Underwater voyeurism is performed by underwater voyeurs and can mainly be found at beaches were girl go for nude swimming.

Typical Underwater Voyeurism Shots:

Underwater Voyeurism Equipment:

The typical underwater voyeur might use any type of waterproof camera equipment:

  • The cheapest solution are waterproof bags for regular cameras.
  • A more sophisticated solution are underwater cameras.
  • Some underwater voyeurs use diving suits.
  • The most sophisticated solution is the so-called "OpenROV", which is a underwater robot. This robot eliminatesthe risk of being detected by others.
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