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Upblouse is the reverse of a downblouse. Viewing her tits by looking up a top that is hanging away from the body, thus requiring a gap between her body and her top. The requirements for an upblouse view are:

  • Her top should be of lose fitting.
  • The shorter her top the easier the upblouse.
  • She must be leaning forward and featuring hangers

Upblouse views are independent of breast size and can be performed from very small tits to very big tits. Typically her nipples point down during an up blouse and her tits are in the position of hanging tits. Upblouses should not be confused with downblouse or sideblouse views! Upblouses have a voyeuristic nature. Of course good upblouse views require that she is braless. Perfect upblouse photos allow to see her nipples. Underboob-friendly tops make upblouse shots relatively easy, e.g. whenever she bends her body forward.

Upblouse Photos

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