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Upskirt voyeurism is a type of voyeurism and means looking up or mostly photographing up a woman's skirt. The result is a view or a photo of a woman's panties, ass or pussy. Doing upskirts as well as collecting upskirts are typical forms of voyeurism.

Tools to achieve upskirts are cameras hidden in shoes or bags. Upskirts are typically taken from standing or sitting females. Certain locations make it very easy to upskirt and are popular amongst 'upskirters': Stairways, elevators with windows/glass, escalators and parks. The legality of upskirts is not clearly defined. Usually, when achieved with a hidden camera, it is considered a crime or violation. However in cases where the upskirt was taken without any upskirt specific technology the outcome of any legal hassle mainly depends on luck.

Addicted active upskirters (=voyeurs focusing on upskirts) do not go the easy way but challenge themselves with tough cases like: Upskirt of a standing female wearing a long skirt, upskirt in close presence of police officers or within a police station, upskirts of celebreties, upskirts in presence of the female's partner, family group upskirts etc. Upskirts of females wearing a micro skirt are not considered a challenge.

Upskirts can come in the form of standing upskirts or sitting upskirts: Standing upskirts might require special recording equipment while sitting upskirts do not require any specific type of camera. Most upskirt photos sooner or later end up as voyeur photos on the internet. The ethical and legal issue relating to upskirt and downblouse photography is one of a reasonable expectation of privacy, even in a public place.


Type of Upskirters

Persons specialized on upskirts are caller upskirters or upskirt voyeurs. Some of them might have a more specialized interest like for example ass voyeurism, panty voyeurism or crotch voyeurism. There are two major groups of upskirters:

Dedicated Upskirters

Upskirters who only do upskirts and usually own some very dedicated upskirt camera equipment like shoe-cams or bag-cams.

General Street Voyeurs

Upskirters who perform street voyeurism and use standard cameras only.

Photo Comparison Upskirter versus Street Voyeur

Upskirts by Body Position

Standing Upskirts

The upskirted woman is standing. That means that the camera has to be somehow moved under her skirt. This can be achieved by using shoe cams or by finding location, where females stand on an elevated platform or stairways. Or you are lucky enough that a women wearing a miniskirt bends forward when your camera is ready. Standing upskirts in most cases produce a good view of the lower regions of the cheeks of her ass and is preferred by ass voyeurs. Read and see more under standing upskirt.

Standing Upskirts Photos

Sitting Upskirts

The upskirted person is seated. That means that the upskirt voyeur can shoot from the front with a normal camera. Seated upskirts usually produce a good view of her panties and her crotch and are most popular within crotch voyeurism.Read and see more under sitting upskirt.

Sitting Upskirts Photos

Bend Over Upskirts

The upskirted person bends over. That means that the upskirt voyeur can shoot from the rear with a normal camera. Bend over upskirts usually produce a good view of her panties and her ass and are most popular within ass voyeurism.Read and see more under bend over upskirt.

Bend Over Upskirts Photos

Upskirts by Hosiery

Based on the clothing of the upskirted model, there are pantieless upskirts, pantied upskirts and pantyhosed upskirts.

Pantyless Upskirts

A pantieless upskirt means that the upskirted model wears a skirt but no panties (which means she is pantyless). Depending on the light conditions under her skirt and the amount of her pubic hair, pantyless upskirts can produce detailed images of her pussy.

Panty Upskirts

The panty upskirted woman wears a panty. The goal is to document sexy panties worn under her skirt. Panties made of see-through fabrics may allow to see her pussy. Furthermore wet spots might be spotted.

Pantyhosed Upskirts

The pantyhose upskirted person wears a pantyhose. However there are some chances, that the pantyhose turns into stockings once the voyeur reviews his photo results or that he sees a pantieless pantyhosed upskirt.

Other Types of Upskirts

Double upskirt

The double upskirt shows two upskirted women on one photo.

Typical Upskirt Locations

The following upskirt locations are typical upskirt locations and there are dedicated voyeurs focused on those locations:

See also:

Upskirts on Voyeurcloud:
Voyeurcloud shows upskirts as long as no hidden or covert equipment like shoe cams was used. In other words: If any bypasser would have been able to see under her skirt 
(while she was sitting on steps for example) Voyeurcloud will show those photos.

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