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Used panties usually describe panties which show signs of being worn by a woman. These signs include:

and some more radical types of used panties include

  • stains of pee
  • stains of shit
  • stains of his cum

In sexual terms, used panties are subject to

  • photo documentation: Some fetish guys enjoy to photograph used panties as well as to look at photos of used panties
  • sniffing: Some fetish guys enjoy to smell the odor of used panties
  • licking: Some fetish guys enjoy to lick the stains on used panties
  • some men like to wear used female panties while masturbating: see under male masturbation in her panty

There is a well-organized market for used panties: Some ladies sell their used panties and others auction them. Very often a photo proof is included, which shows the girl wearing that panty. The used panty is then sealed (the perfect way is to vacuum seal it) and then shipped to the buyer.

Selling and buying used panties is the only organized method to kind of buy pussy juice or sell pussy juice. The fetish related to used panties is called used panties fetish.

Person who are into this type of sexual excitement usually also tend to steal panties.

Used Panties Photos

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