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VCity (also known as Igorsclouds) is the "heart" of Voyeurclouds Adult Lifestyle Community City. VCity is a collection of individual miniblogs for each VCitizen. The registration for a VCity account is free. VCity features the following functions and features, which have been introduced stepwise to the VCity community:


VCity Functions and Features

VCity Homepage

The VCity homepage is located at VCity Homepage

VCity User Levels

There are three different user levels on VCity

  • Unregistered viewer: Can look at those posts which were posted as "free, for everyone". Less than 5% of all posts are posted for this user level
  • VCitizen: Requires free registration. Allows user to look at those posts which were tagged as "for all VCitizens". VCitizens can like and follow others.
  • VResident: Requires membership for a flat rate. Currently the membership is included in the membership of both Voyeurclouds member sites, also sometime called "old school member sections". A VResident can look at all photos and videos at the highest quality avaliable. VResidents can exchange personal messages and private files. VResident will be able to open "virtual groups" very soon. Most photo and video contests from March on will be for VResidents only.

More about the three user levels is on About VCity page

VCity Profile Page

Every VCitizen has a dedicated profile page. This profile page shows his profile photo as well as the "profile information" entered by the VCitizen. Furthermore the page shows a combination of postings, feedback, contris, photos etc of the VCitizen. The combination displayed is based on "views" within the last 30 minutes and changes dynamically - which means this pages changes every few minutes.

  • VCity Trophy Ranks: Is a number between 1 and 5 and only shows for contributing (submitting regular contris) VCitizens. It shows a weighted average of the past contris within the last 5 months. The later the contri the more weight is has.
  • VCity Reputation Stars: Shows for everybody. The community reputation is calculated every minute for every VCitizen: It increases by time, submitted contris, feedback, postings and other "positive" community activities. It decreases by bashing, submission of "fake" contris and other negative community activities. The initial credit is 100 reputation points. If a VCitizen has a negative reputation, his activities will be manually checked by admin and he might get banned from the community.
  • VCitizen Search: The VCitizen needs at least 130 reputation points to appear in search results.

Dedicated VCity URL

Every VCitizen and VResident has his own dedicated subdomain name at For example JoeDoe would have the URL

VCity Guest Book

A central guest book for each VCitizen, allowing other to post text messages. "Threaded" replies and conversations between two or more persons are supported.

VCity Notification Center

The notification center keeps track about all messages and replies at a central place. Example: VCitizen JoeDoe left feedback on JaneDoes contri. Three days later JaneDoe replies to his feedback. JoeDoe will be notified about the reply. As the functionality of VCity grows, more types of notifications will be added on that page.

VCity Personal Photo Space

Every VCitizen can post photos on his own personalized photo page. The photos can be tagged and categorized. The photos are searchable. The photos appear under an individual URL for each VCitizen, like for example The photos can be tagged as "for everybody" and "for VCitizens only" and "VResidents only", where VResidents are all members of any of the igorsclouds sites. The viewer can "like" photos and can "follow" photo pages. VResidents can "collect" photos into their own personal albums.

Some of the categories that any personal photo can be added for wider viewing:

  • LifeStyle Photo and Video Blogs: For those who don't care about photo setups etc and simply want to show off themselves, their wives or girlfriends or document whatever they like when it comes to sex.
  • Amateur Photo and Video Blogs: For those who combine the beauty of their wives and girlfriends with erotic photos and videos. This category is for those who are really into amateur photography and videography.
  • Exhibitionist and Flashing: Nude or seminude in public, flashing truckers, flashing tits or ass, etc.
  • Voyeur Photo and Video Blogs: For those who spot sexy candid woman in almost any state. Sexy candid women wherever and however spotted.
  • Erotic Events: For those who report about and from erotic events: Your last nude cruise, Fantasy Fest or something like that!
  • Fetish Photo and Videos: For those who like to report about their kinky side: From bondage to latex, from gangbang to uniforms, from high heels to barefeet.
  • Other Erotic: Everything else goes into this category. Semi-professionals, erotic artwork, stories, and and and...

VCity Video Postings

VCity allows VResidents and VCitizens to upload every video format as a blog post. Videos will show on all blogs and on the dedicated video blog:

VCity Mobile Interfaces

To be described after launching this feature.

VCity Interest Groups, Group Postings and Group Creation

To be described after launching this feature.

VCity Secure Conversation Center Person2Person

VResidents can send and receive personal messages through the VCity web interface. Once the first contact is established through a personal message, photos can be exchanged in private.

How To

How to register and first steps

How to VCity - a step by step tutorial

How to VCity for users who do not want to post

VCity for viewers - a step by step tutorial for those who do not intend to post but only to watch

How to post Photos and Videos

Post your photos- a step by step tutorial for those who want to post on Vcity

How to tag posts

VCity post tags - a step by step tutorial for those who post and do not know how to tag their videos and pics

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