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VCity Commenting is part of the interaction features at VCity. Viewers can leave comments for the VCity blogger. In turn, the blogger can reply to those messages. Some folks exchange several replies to their replies. Back and forth exchanges is possible and fun! These comments can be viewed by the viewers as well - no personal information, please. Save the personal stuff for private messages. To reply to a comment, hover your mouse pointer over the upper right corner of the top comment. Options will appear to reply or flag the comment as inappropriate. When replying on your own blog, you will also see a remove option.

Leaving comments for the ladies is the best way to keep encouraging them to post more pics. Bashers need not bother. The blogger has a delete option, and other viewers can flag inappropriate comments for VC to remove, too. Once a viewer gets lots of removed and deleted comments, his VCity reputation points will decrease, and eventually, VC may decide to revoke his VCitizenship or VResidency. Some ladies enjoy sweet comments, and others like a more explicit comment. Watch the replies to tell which she may prefer.

Replying to comments is a great way to show yourself to your VCity followers. First of all, it shows you are a person taking time to engage in conversation with the folks leaving comments. Secondly, it is fun for both blogger and visitors. New comments and replies are shown in the upper right corner of your blog page. That will let you know if you have new comments/replies/messages.

hover above a top comment to see the options to reply or mark inappropriate
Notification of unviewed comments/messages
Natasha replies to nearly all comments left for her. Not only is this showing she really enjoys the comments, but also that she is a real person here looking for fun, not just prizes.


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