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This is an easy step-by-step guide for viewers, who do not intend to post their own photos on VCity. (Of course they can start posting their own pics at any time!)


Step 1: Create Your Free VCity Account

Sign up for a free VCitizens account. Please select your nickname carefully! You cannot change it at a later time!


Click here to sign-up now

Step 2: Your VCity Lounge

After successful sign-up, you will see your personal VCity Lounge. Your nick name (in this case "demo-test" appears in the upper right corner and tells you that you are logged in. Now you simply click on "VCity".

Your personal VCity Lounge

Step 3: Browse VCity

After you clicked "VCity" in your personal lounge, you will reach "", which is the homepage of VCity. You might want to browser all images from the most recent to the oldest postings by selecting "Altogether". Or you simply select a VCity category for images more specifically to your tastes.

The VCity Homepage

Step 4: How to access individual Blogs

You will see an almost endless list of blogged photos under "amateur". If you like the model (blogger), you click on her nick name to see her personal VCity homepage.

The VCity blog list

Step 5: Personal Homepages

Once you are on her personal homepage, you can access her personal PhotoBlog to see all her pics, you can follow her and you can leave her a message in her Guestbook. You should follow every contributor you like!!

The VCity blog list

Step 6: See all Photos from the Bloggers you are following

Once you started following your favorite posters, you simply hit PhotoBlog whenever you sign into VCity and you will see automatically all posts from all people you follow. Only you can see your personal compilation, nobody else!

Your lounge

Step 7: Let the fun begin

At this point you should start to explore things on your own: Leave messages, click "like", and try pushing every icon or button you can't damage anything neither can you post something "accidentally".

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