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The VCity post tags are very powerful and cool tool to allow other VCitizens to find your posts and your blog.


How to enter the tags

Where to enter the VCity tags

Right after you uploaded your photo (or later on video) and before you hit "POST" you should enter proper "tags" into the system. Those tags will appear under your post and will link to other posts with the same tag. The tags allow users to locate photos and videos easily. Your tags should be terms of one or two words, which describe your photo or video. For example the photo above should be tagged with "goosebumps, tits, hard nipples". Each tag must be separated by a colon. You enter "goosebumps COLON tits COLON hard nipples COLON.

You should use the proper tags which describe your image. "MILF", "blonde", "big tits", "wet pussy", "bikini", "blowjob", and and and are nice samples. Tags like "big","small" don't say anything and are useless attributes. You need to combine those attributes into a two word tag like "big tits", "small ass" etc to make sense. Of course, you can use more than two words, but we do not recommend it. For example: If your photo shows small, wet titties, you should tag it with "wet tits", "small tits". Your photo will now show up under "wet tits" and "small tits" and that makes perfectly sense. Using small wet tits will not be located on a search for small tits. Tags like "sexy" and "hot" are too generic. People won't search for those! The golden rule is to enter between 5 to 10 tags for each photo and none of the tags should consist of more than two words!

How to correct wrong tags

At this time you cannot, sorry. We are working on this feature!

What about people entering wrong tags to spam the system

Let's say Mister John posts a photo of his penis and tags it wrongly with "sexy girl" and "pussy". Yes: When a user searches for a pussy photo, he will see Mister John's penis instead! Will that user like to see the penis? Nope! The system is measuring the reaction of the users, the "likes" resulting from the search and more...and will add or subtract from the user reputation. If somebody massively "spams" the tags, he will be contacted by admin and might be even banned. It is key to use proper tags.!

Can I see a list of the most common erotic sex tag?

VCity maintains an alphabetical listing of the most common tags: Most common erotic sexy blog tags

Is there a max number of tags per post?

No, there is not. Some photos might show so many things (imagine two sexy girls playing with each other) that you might need 30 tags to describe the content of your photo. Feel free to do so!

Most common mistakes

  1. Not separating the individual tags by commas or colons
  2. Not putting any tag at all

If you don't enter any tags???

If you don't enter any tags, VCitizens will not find you! Imagine 300,000 photos and videos in the system. Your terrific photos do not appear under any tag link or tag cloud at all! People won't find you, won't follow you and will not be able to "like" you! Keep in mind, new people come to VCity every day. These new people are not looking through all hundreds of thousands of images. They will search on tags to find images they like, then explore your photoblog. So if you have some fine "round ass" shots, tag them! Then the visitor will be lead to look at your fine titties and pussy and wonderful smile, too. That's how you'll keep getting followers, comments, and messages.

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