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Definition of Pussy

The parts of a pussy: Pussy anatomy made easy
Pussy and clit in detail

Pussy is slang for female genitalia (vulva/vagina) and usually describes the entire sexual female apparatus located between her legs. Note however that the vagina is not typically visible for it is the inside of the pussy while vulva is the outside. Pussy often refers to the entire sex organ of the woman in a way that only genitalia approaches. The short form of pussy is puss. Since things can be "inserted" into a pussy (see main function, below) and things can be inserted into a vagina, there is a similarity that has not escaped notice. Mostly, if you are talking, you would rather ask her to show you her vulva or her pussy than her vagina, unless you are one of those doctors whose speciality is looking up inside a woman. The pussy plays an important role for quite many sexual activities both with and without a sex partner. A pussy is framed by pubic hair unless the hair has been removed. Basically her outer pussy lips are called labia majora containing her clit with the clitoral hood on top, her inner pussy lips called labia minora and the vaginal opening. Pussy is framed by pussy mound on the top and separated from her anus by the tweener. In order to look inside her pussy you need to keep her pussy open with a speculum. Wearing tight transparent panties might lead the the visual effect of squashed pussy. Her pussy produces pussy juice and the color of pussy is typically in the range of pink. During sexual arousal her vagina expands in both length and width. Vaginismus refers to an involuntary tightening of the vagina, due to a conditioned reflex of the muscles in the area. It can affect any form of vaginal penetration, including sexual intercourse, insertion of sex toys like dildos. Various psychological and physical treatments are possible to help alleviate it.

Functions of Pussy

The sexual oriented functions of a pussy are

Covering and Displaying Pussy

  • Covering Pussy
She usually covers her pussy with a panty under her regular clothes like pants or skirts. Going pantyless under skirts is considered sexual and is a target of upskirt-voyeurism. When swimming or at a beach she covers her pussy with swimwear, especially bikini-bottoms.
  • Partial Display of Pussy
She achieves a partial display of her pussy by wearing see-through items.
  • Provocative Display of Pussy
Giving other a quick view of her otherwise covered pussy is called flashing pussy. This might be performed by exhibitionist.
  • Permanent Display of Pussy
The permanent display of her pussy is common at nude beaches.
  • Displaying the Outline of a Pussy
The outline of a pussy becomes visible under tight clothes and is called cameltoe.
  • Accidental Display of Pussy
Accidental display of pussy might be caused by wardrobe malfunction and is called lip slip.
  • Blocked Access to Pusssy
Access to pussy can be blocked by chastity belts.
  • Illusional covering
This can be done by painted pussy

Stimulating Pussy

Her pussy can be stimulated by herself or by another person. The two major types of pussy stimulation are

There are endless masturbation and sex techniques to stimulate her pussy.

Giving Entry into Pussy

Allowing entry into her body through her pussy is probably the most important function of a pussy during sex. This is also called pussy penetration. Amongst the most common things entering her pussy are

  • His Penis
He usually enters his penis into her pussy during sexual intercourse while fucking her. There are many ways to enter a penis into a pussy described under sex positions. Entering a penis into a pussy stimulates the genitalia of both him and her at the same time. This type of pussy functions requires a man and a woman.
  • A Finger
Instead of a penis also quite often a finger is entered into her pussy. This is called finger fuck. This type of penetration can be performed by herself (which would be masturbation), or be either a man or a woman (which would be a lesbian activity).
  • A Hand
Entering an entire hand into a pussy is called fisting. Fisting is considered obscene in many countries and publishing related photos in the US will lead to prison.
  • A Tongue
Entering a tongue into a pussy requires another person or if performed by herself requires the girl to be an extremely flexible girl. The activity of inserting a tongue into a pussy is called eating pussy.
  • Objects
Objects designed to enter a pussy are mainly dildo-shaped sex toys. Besides those also natural products like cucumbers or bananas are common to be entered into a pussy.

Pussy Activities

  • Production of Pussy Juice
Usually the penetration of a pussy and other types of stimulation trigger the production of the natural lubrication of a pussy, which is called, by some people with limited vocabulary, pussy juice. A pussy in a state of producing pussy juice is called by those same people, wet pussy.
  • Production of Pussy Farts
Pussies can produce a pussy fart.
  • Production of Pussy Odour
Every pussy produces some kind of typical individual pussy smell.
  • Pussy Squirt
Some women have genitalia supposedly capable of squirting.

Types of Pussy

Following types of pussy are common when describing special attributes of a pussy:

Pussy Photos

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ES: Conejo.
Definición basta y burda de los genitales femeninos o "coño".
Otras definiciones: Parrus, coñito o coñete, panocha, vulva...

Other Common Names for Pussy in English

There is hardly any other body part, which own so many different slang terms to describe the same thing. However each one of the expressions below might have some attribute attached to the meaning of pussy. Caution: If you don't know the exact meaning of a term below, you should not use it in public neither when talking to your mom, girlfriend, wife or daughters!

Common Names in Other Languages

Please add (language) if known:

  • figa (italian)
  • topa (italian)
  • vagina (italian)
  • vulva (italian)
  • patata (italian)
  • patatina (italian)
  • gnocca (italian)
  • fregna (italian)
  • fica (italian)
  • gud (Bengali)
  • Muschi [German)
  • Zounne bizounne (Québécois can.)
  • minounne (Québécois can.)
  • nounne (Québécois can.)
  • plotte (Québécois can.)
  • pica (Croatian-slang)
  • samica(Croatian)
  • pička (Croatian)
  • pizda (Croatian)
  • bia(Oriya)
  • pundai (Tamil)
  • kuma (Swahili)
  • am (Turkish)
  • amcık ( Turkis)
  • kuku ( Turkish)
  • şeftali *SEFTALI*(Turkish)
  • pamuk prenses (Turkish 'bayanların taktığı lakap')
  • buceta (Portuguese)
  • bur (Hindi)
  • chut (Hindi)
  • Pudi (Marathi)
  • Bhundi (Marathi)
  • Bhosda (Hindi)
  • Chut (Hindi)
  • chibiu
  • chimba (spanish)
  • chocha or chocho (spanish)
  • concha (spanish)
  • coño (spanish)
  • crica (spanish)
  • cuca (spanish)
  • popola (spanish)
  • abricot (french)
  • chatte (français french)
  • minou (français)
  • foufoune (français)
  • kunda (Czech)
  • kut ( dutch)
  • memek (indonesian)
  • meki (indonesian/Slang)
  • panocha (spanish-murcian)
  • phuddi
  • pizda (Russian)
  • poes (Afrikaans , dutch)
  • popi,pekpek,puke, kiki (Filipino)
  • pucha
  • pupusa (spanish, Central America)
  • pus
  • toet (Afrikaans)
  • tragona
  • Votze (German)
  • xereca (Portuguese)
  • xana
  • xoxota (Portuguese)
  • Bhonsra (Punjabi)
  • Kus (Persian)
  • Phudda (Punjabi)
  • kont (afrikaans)
  • doos (afrikaans)
  • Futz (Swiss German)
  • Cona (Portuguese from Portugal)
  • Puchchi/puchhi (marathi)
  • choot (hindi)
  • coos (pronounced like 'Goose' with a K sound) - (Arabic - Central to Southern Iraqi / Kuwaiti Dialects)
  • puki (Filipino)
  • pekpek (Filipino)
  • kepyas (Filipino)
  • pooru (Malayalam)
  • pizda (Polish)
  • cipa (Polish)
  • szparka (Polish)
  • myszka (Polish)
  • muszelka (Polish)

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