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Very small tits or very tiny tits are tits of very small dimensions and refers to breast size. In technical terms, very small tits are tits which have a breast size of A and smaller. Usually there is no technical or practical reason to wear a bra on those very tiny titties; however, a bra might visually enlarge the small size by optical or physical illusion. Very tiny tits are unable to perform titfuck, selflicking and cannot produce cleavage. In terms of spoken descriptive language, very small tits range below small tits.

Very small tits typically feature smaller dimensioned areolas, while the size of her nipples is independent of smaller tit sizes. Very small tits are often subject to breast enlargement. Very small tits are subject to breast fetish. Very small tits do not require any bra. This means you can see pokies more often on very small and small tits than on huger sizes covered and supported by bras.

According to VoyeurClouds' massive collection of Instant Tit Flash submission, about 3% of the female population possess very small titties.

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Very small tits

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