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Vibrator masturbation is a type of female masturbation involving any type of vibrating sex toy known as vibrator: The masturbating woman usually stimulates her clit or the inside of her pussy or in more rare cases her anus with a vibrating sex toy. If she is more focused towards clitoral stimulation she might prefer external stimulation sex toys which are focused on delivering this type of excitement.


Basic Types of Vibrator

Vibrating sex toys come in many different shapes, designs and materials. There are all-round models as well as dedicated vibrator models which were designed for a very special type of stimulation. The most common basic types of vibrators are:

Classical Vibrator

The classical vibrator has the shape of a tube with a rounded top and has around the size of an average penis. Inside the classical vibrator you find a compartment for batteries as well as a vibrating motor. The classical vibrator is made of plastic or silicon. It can be used both for external and internal stimulation. It might only have an On/Off switch or might feature adjustable speed settings. A classical vibrator can be used for pussy insertion as well as clitoral stimulation. It can also be used to stimulate her nipples and her anus. The classical vibrator is an all-round multipurpose vibrating sex toy. Usually the intensity of a classical vibrator is adjustable. More advanced models have preprogrammed vibration sequences to chose from.

Classical Vibrator Photos

Clitorial Vibrators

Clitorial vibrators were designed to stimulate her clit and were not designed for penetration. They are also called external vibrators. This a list of the most common vibrator types used to stimulate her clit:

Clitorial Vibrator Photos

Vaginal (Insertion) Vibrators

If she prefers vaginal stimulation she would use dildo shaped vibrating sex toys designed for insertion into her pussy like

Due to the strong mechanical direct stimulation of her sensitive nerves, vibrator masturbation often leads to fast and intensive orgasms. Vaginal vibrators come in all size from thin to tick and from short to long. She should chose her favorite size for insertion. Furthermore the surface of vaginal vibrators vary from smooth to textured or rippled, some models feature knobs. The vaginal vibrator is usually used by moving it up and down in her pussy thus simulating the strokes of a penis in her pussy. However some women prefer not to move it at all after insertion and to simply enjoy the vibrations.

Vaginal (Insertion) Vibrators Photos

Combined Clitoral and Insertion Vibrators

The Roger Rabbit combines insertion and clitoral stimulation into one device. The penis shaped cone is inserted into her pussy while the little vibrating tickler attachment stimulates her clit. This type of vibrator is usually not moved after inserted into her pussy. She might apply more or less pressure according to her sexual taste. As this type of vibrator stimulates her pussy and her clit at the same time, it often leads to very fast and intense orgasms.

Combined Clitorial and Insertion Vibrator Photos

Handheld and Handsfree Vibrators

Vibrators can be designed to operate without the need to hold them by her hand or as handheld vibrators:

Handsfree Vibrators

Handsfree Vibrators are designed to stay on or in the desired place by design:

  • Clitoral vibrators like the butterfly vibrator are hold in place by straps or a harness freeing the her hand during use. Vibrating panties follow the same concept.
  • Vaginal vibrators can also be hold in place by straps or panties, like for example vibrating panties featuring a vibrating dildo inside.
  • Anal vibrators can easily by hold in her anus without any straps due to the design of the anal vibrator, like for example a vibrating buttplug.

While some women like the sensations produced by a handsfree vibrator, many others do not enjoy the permanent stimulation at one specific spot of their body.

Handheld Vibrators

Almost all dildo shaped classical vibrators as well the Roger Rabbit do not feature any straps or any design to keep them in place. These type of vibrators require one of her hands to hold the vibrator in place.

Handheld Vibrators used handsfree

Quite many women like to stimulate themselves with a handheld vibrator and then free their hand for some period of time. There are several documented ways to achieve this:

  • They place a handheld vibrator into their pussy or in front of their pussy and keep their legs tight together to keep the sex toy in place.
  • They wear an elastic panty or pantyhose during masturbation and keep the vibrator in place through their panty or pantyhose.

Photos: Handheld vibrators operated handsfree

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