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Voyeurclouds, aka VC or VoyeurClouds, is the fastest growing website for amateur erotic images and video clips. Started in 2012 by Simon and Franck, and joined later by Igor of Voyeurweb (June 2012), Voyeurcloud has grown to over one million viewers and climbing.


Voyeurclouds features user-generated content divided into several content-oriented sections.


The VoyeurClouds Sections

VoyeurClouds Sections for Series of Amateur Photos

Each of the following sections have monthly awards for the best 5 voted photo series

  • Posed amateur photo section: This section shows softcore photo series between three and ten photos displaying amateur erotica. The photos might be shot indoor or outdoor. Posed Amateur Photo Section
  • Voyeur photo section: This section shows softcore voyeuristic photo series between three and ten photos limited to voyeurism, which does not contain any invasion of privacy at locations, where normal people do not expect to photographed. The photos are mainly shot indoor. Voyeur Photo Section
  • Exhibitionist photo section: This section shows softcore photo series between three and ten photos limited to exhibitionism, which means nude or semi-nude women at public places. The photos are mainly shot indoor, however some series are also shot indoor, like for example flashing in a restaurant. Exhibitionism Photo Section
  • Explicit photo section: This section shows hardcore photo series between three and ten photos featuring explicit amateur photos of all kind, explicit voyeur photos and explicit exhibitionism photos.

VoyeurClouds Sections for Instant Posting of Single Photos

VoyeurClouds Sections for Amateur Erotica Videos

Each of the following sections have monthly awards for the best 5 voted photo series

VoyeurClouds VCity

VCity has been introduced to VoyeurClouds by Igor on Dec 23rd 2012 and allows a much closer interaction of VC-users and features free personal photo blogs and more.

Other areas of Voyeurclouds include YourSexWiki, Igor's HoF, Igor's Daily Picks, and also the VC BB.

VoyeurClouds Homepage

A Letter from Igor - Live from the Voyeurcloud.com

Hello Everyone!

To some of you, this news may come as a surprise - while it may not be a surprise to others. On one hand I was unable to continue with the current management of the Voyeurweb family of sites due to several ongoing disputes - the most important factor in my decision was a deviation from my vision and the desires and needs of valued members like you.

On the other hand, the members of the Voyeurweb communities (including Redclouds), flooded my inbox with complaints outlining a lack of quality, lack of appropriate management and administration, and other topics too numerous to list.

The final blow was dealt when several key contributors and longtime loyal members of the community and sites contacted me to express a desire to find a new home on the Web. All these factors made it very simple for me to make my decision. And so I offered them my assistance…

Now that might sound a little crazy - leaving a group of sites that seem to be synonymous with me, but if you really consider the facts it is not. I would have you know that I am not the legal owner of the Voyeurweb sites and I never have been! To put it another way: if you are unable to refurbish or remodel your home so that it meets your needs and is comfortable for you, you search a new home for yourself and your family and friends! Isn't that what you would do as well?

And this is what brought me to discussions with many webmasters… and Simon and Franck were the only ones who seemed to speak my language best of all of them - we were on the same wavelength. The same wavelength as many of the "refugee" disgruntled Voyeurweb and Redclouds community members.

We met for several days, and shared several glasses of wine as I explained my vision in its entirety and introduced them to the "refugees", and the result is what you see before you today - a new home!

Alright, alright, so a few of the balconies are still under construction, but we have solid walls, a sturdy roof, and a door you are most welcome at. Everything else is under intensive development by a group of genius coders…

This new home is built upon the wishes of valued members just like you and my vision of a perfect online community - enjoy it with us!

Yours Igor

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