Water masturbation

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Water masturbation is a female masturbation technique applying clitoral stimulation by using fast streaming, sometimes bubbling water originating out of:

- Showerheads
- Faucets
- Jets found in whirlpools or jacuzzis
- Waterproof vibrators (BOB's dildos etc.)

stimulating the clit under the impact of fast streaming water generating a soft mechanical effect on her stimulating nerves. Water masturbation is a type of clitoral stimulation. During water masturbation she might additionaly use her hands on her clit or pussy or nipples or might want to enjoy it handless. Water masturbation is mostly performed standing, sitting or kneeling in shower cabins and lying in tubs. If lying it is usually performed with spread to very spread legs rested on the surrounding of the bath tub. The water temperature should be close to the body temperature: Neither cold or hot water does any good. Almost every women has at least tried water masturbation. Another aspect of water masturbation incorporates the use of Waterproof toys e.g. vibrators in the bath or shower to provide clitoral stimulation and/or vaginal stimulation also. Incorporating waterproof toys make bath/shower time a most pleasurable experience. ;-) (It is recommended to check manufacturers guide to ensure toys are waterproof so they continue working after submerging in water)

Water masturbation is usually performed as masturbation in hot tub while lying down or as shower masturbation while she is standing.

Water Masturbation Photos:

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