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Wet and Messy (sometimes referred as WAM for short) involves the subject being wet with water or messy with some other form of substance. Participants may be clothed or naked, depending upon their interest. An example of a mild form of WAM could be a participant in a wet t-shirt competition (exhibitionist's side) or the audience (voyeur's side).

Ormi happy as a pig in mud but infinitely better looking

Taking WAM to the next level could be watching girls mud wrestling or jello wrestling. Some might consider this a mild form of WAM but it is considered erotic by many, and hence the willingness to record it. However, such activities are perhaps more entertainment based as opposed to activities where enjoyment is gained from participating.

More extreme WAM substances include cream, custard, chocolate, ice cream or even molasses - the list is potentially never ending depending upon your interest. WAM in film - The Swedish actress Ann-Margaret was Oscar nominated for her part in the 1975 'Rock Opera' movie "Tommy". In one particular scene, she was initially covered in soap suds, followed by a truck load of baked beans and finally gallons of chocolate sauce. The 3 minute scene apparently took around 3 days to film and was considered an extremely erotic clip at the time.

Those interested in WAM have their own interests, but once immersed or covered in the chosen substance, participants may indulge in further sexual activity. To do so, a great sense of humor is needed by all parties. Imagine two bodies covered in cream and/or custard and then trying to hang on to each other at the point of climax!

To make one point clear, WAM certainly does not include the use of body fluids and definitely not urine, Golden shower and/or Scat, these are much more specialized fetishes and are more dedicated to extreme aspects of the Fetish community.

Mud is of particular interest to the author of this page, and suggests that the clay pits of the Mississippi are well documented on the Internet and are well worth further investigation.

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