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Wet pussy refers to the female genitalia in a state of arousal when producing pussy juice. When the female reaches a state of arousal, certain fluids are secreted in her vagina. These juices carry pheromones which can arouse any males who smell it, and these juices also provide lubrication to aid the male in the act of penetration. A covered wet pussy generates wet spots.

A wet pussies usually means that her body is ready for sex, also called horny. The amount of pussy juice required to produce a wet pussy is very low, about half of a teen spoon. However many women produce much more pussy juice when aroused, which can then lead to dripping pussies and even spots on furniture. Tampons absorb all her pussy juice and negate the effect. Once her pussy is wet, the duration until her pussy dries out is quite long, because the pussy juice is absorbed by her body very slowly. If you notice in bed, that your wife or girlfriend has a wet pussy, she might already had that wet pussy before dinner. Quite many women report about shorter phases of wet pussies during day time, which can be compared with sudden and short erections of men. However his erection might go away within seconds, while her spontaneous wet pussy stays for at least 20 minutes. The cause for her wet pussy might not even be clear to him. Also many women report to produce wet pussies while watching movies with sexy actors (not necessarily sexual-oriented movies at all), during parties and even during flirts or small talks. Besides this mostly undesired effect of producing a wet pussy, most women can actively produce a wet pussy by mechancial stimulation of their clit, their nipples or the sensitive inside of their pussy.

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