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WFI (Voyeurcloud Term): Abbrevation of "Waiting for Igor ": a sexy photo pose. Igor assumes that every contributor submitting a photo which shows her on all fours must be waiting for Igor to "make her happy".


The Main Wfi Angles

A good WfI can be shot from any angle. However it is important to remember to document the main elements of a WfI no matter from which angle the photo is shot. To simplify things, here is a short summary for the three main Wfi angles and the corresponding photo elements:

Main Frontal Wfi Elements

    • The sexy face of the model should be visible and feature a sexy mouth, a well dimensioned nose and sexy eyes of any color. Her face expression should be friendly and in anticipation. Her hair can be of any length, color and style. She should be looking into the camera.
    • Her tits must be visible from the front and hanging freely. Her breast size can be of any size. She should have erected nipples. Wearing a sexy top is OK, if her top allows a full downblouse in the WfI position. The only type of bra which fits to a WfI is a shelf bra
    • Her thighs must be fully visible. This may rule out those with circus sideshow breast implants.

Main Wfi Elements from behind

    • Her face should look straight forward and her sweet mouth should not disctract Igor from looking at her pussy and anus. She should not look back! Her face expression should be an inviting smile. Whenever Igor wants to see her face, he will approach her from the front!
    • Her sexy ass must be fully visible from behind, giving you a good idea about her tight and sweet anus. Her ass cheeks should be firm. Her ass should not be covered by any skirt or panty or whatsoever, which means she should be bare ass.
    • Her pussy lips should be fully visible allowing the so-called pussy from behind view. There should not be any pubic hair on her pussy lips. It is perfectly OK and normal for her pussy to develop pussy juice while in the Wfi position.
    • Her sexy legs should be fully visible.
    • Her feet:

Main Side Profile WfI Elements

    • Her face should face the camera (see discussion page).
    • At least one of her tits should be fully visible and not be covered by anything.
    • Her legs should be fully visible.
    • Her body should develop all kind of sexy curves.
    • You see hangers. (which has nothing to do with saggy tits!!!)

Photo Samples: The Three Main Wfi Angles

Photo Samples showing the three main angles and the Wfi elements

The typical Phases of a Wfi

Wfi Training

Woman who do not want to perform Wfis anytime anywhere, should be trained through Wfi training.

Common Wfi Mistakes

In Depth Explanation of the different Wfi Options

Voyeurcloud contributors never get tired of producing new Wfi variations in order keep Igor happy. So far dozens of variations have been documented and illustrated in depth below, but this list will never be ending!

Non-English Variations

Thousands of WfI Photos and Videos

Gazillions of hot and sexy ladies performing the WfI position can be found in VCity, the erotic playground under WfI Blog Posts

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