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Wicked Weasel (aka 'WW') is a swimsuit company made famous in no small part by contributors showing off their sexy swimwear. Ranging from micro to tiny, these swimsuits are actually quite comfortable (if you like a string up your ass...hehehe) and Wicked Weasel offers great 'knickers' too! Wicked Weasel bikini bottoms are very often center-seamed, thus producing wonderful cameltoes on the beach.

Wicked Weasel is an Australian Company, owned and was managed by Igor's friend Peter until 2006.

Many more Photos and Videos showing beauties dressed with Wicked Weasel

Further photos and videos done by voyeurs and amateurs showing hotties in Wicked Weasel swimwear can be found on VCity under Wicked Weasel Blog Posts

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