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A wife anal sex photo is a wife photo showing the photographers wife while having anal sex. In most cases the wife is having anal sex with the photographer.

It is not very easy to shoot an anal sex photo with the wife:

  • The model (the wife) must be comfortable with having strong lights on while performing anal sex. Dark rooms and using flash lights usually lead to crappy and grey photos.
  • One method is to practice anal sex in front of a mirror. The mirror should be cleaned from any spots prior sex. The flash should be turned off.
  • The selftimer method is not really practicable. The major problem for him is to "jump back" fast into his position without losing his erection and entering her anus fast. Unlike pussy sex or oral sex, entering her anus fast enough might not be advised.
  • The most common method is to make photos while practicing anal sex. The photo results usually show the "scenery" from his point of view focusing the camera on her ass. Her doing the photos is not very practicable either and requires flexible capabilities.

Wife Anal Sex Photos

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