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Window fuck is a common type of public masturbation for her: She attaches a suction cup dildo to the inside of a window. Then she positions herself on the same side of the window (quite often the window of a hotel room) and starts masturbation activities with the mounted dildo by moving her pussy back and forth on the dildo. This activity has become popular in 2008 and Voyeurcloud counts more and more contributions documenting window fucks. It seems that high rise buildings are of special interest giving the exhibitionist potentially hundreds of voyeurs. The only feasible positions for a window fuck are standing or bending against the window while moving her hips back and forth. Window fucks can be combined by her with giving a simultaneous blow job. Of course, window fuck is some special flavor of exhibitionism. Some care must be given to not push out the window, but this is rarely a danger unless a BBW is really getting into the mo or a single pane window is being used.

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