Window voyeurism

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Window voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on videotaping or photographing persons at home through their windows and practiced by window voyeurs.

The typical equipment:

  • Very light sensitive zoom cameras with tripod
  • Telescopic lenses

The major challenge of a surveillance voyeur is to create situations where his 'subjects' undress or are involved in sex or masturbation, which would be masturbation voyeurism. The typical subjects of window voyeurism:

  • Neighbors
  • Hotel guests

VC may or may not accept this type of voyeurism for contri. If the view is from the street or another building's window, the subject ought not have an expectation of privacy with their window curtains wide open. However, if the voyeur is hiding in the bushes trying to obtain a view not accessible from public lands, that voyeur is performing an invasion of privacy.

Window Voyeurism Photos

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