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A woman is a female adult of opposite gender to male.

A typical woman: Aubade

The most prominent indicators are her tits and the lack of a penis, which is replaced by a pussy.


Woman Anatomy from top to bottom

The inidividual body parts of a woman require much more maintenance than the corresponding body parts and are much more often visually enhanced or decorated. One of the main goals is to achieve sexual attraction. This required as many body parts as possible to look well maintained and sexy. In most cases you can identify a woman by any of the following elements, even if you see a single element only.

Women's Hair

Women have many different styles regarding the length and shape of hair including many different hair colors.

Women's Eyes

The eyes of a women are decorated with make up and can be covered by Glasses, Anti-Sperm Glasses and Blindfolds.

Sexy Eyes

Woman's Face

A cute topless woman with a sexy Face: LME

The face of a woman is another very prominent and dominating body part. A lot of care goes into the skin of her face.

Woman's Ears

The ears of a woman are a perfect location to attach expensive decoration at a prominent place like for example ear rings.

Ear of Mandy

Woman's Mouth

The female mouth is an important prerequisite for many different sex activities. It it surrounded by lips, which are very often decorated with lipstick and contains her teeth and her tongue.

Mouth of Brittany

Woman's Breast

The tits of a woman are her most prominent female attribute and comes in all sizes and shapes. Women usually try to shape and elevate their breasts with bras and to cover their breasts with tops.

Sexy breast

Woman's Belly

Women might decorate their belly and pay a lot of attention to a proper shape of their belly.

Woman' Ass

Almost every woman tries to have a sexy ass.

Sexy Ass

Womans's Pussy

Her pussy is her privilege against males. Some women decorate their pussy and most women trim their pubic hair.


Woman's Legs

Women's legs come in different lengths and dimensions and can be showed to public when wearing skirts or be decorated with stockings or pantyhoses.

A woman looked at from below

Woman's Feet

Sexy Feet

A woman can decorate her feet with sexy shoes and apply colors to her toes.

Different Classifications of Women

Women can be described by many different classifications:

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